In David Chametzky’s recognizably kind New York voice, he speaks to people about the peace and love we all experience in our lives and how we rise up from our difficulties. People listen, and they value his warm-hearted stories, his uplifting and reaffirming spirit, and his unique ways of giving back. David guides and mentors individuals in upleveling themselves, their company and their relationships. When David speaks, you can immediately hear how much he understands the struggles we go through – he’s been through some powerful ones – and how he cares that you step up to your highest level of you.

David speaks from deep experience resourcing individuals to rise from the ashes of their life. He skillfully applies his professional background, personal development and various healing modalities to help individuals break through to their next level.David guides individuals onto a right path for them to use as a runway to take off and fly, soaring as they never have. Envisioning people’s possibilities comes naturally to David Chametzky, and people find his work restorative in many ways. David reflects an acceptance of people as they are, without judgement. He established his coaching & mentoring Brand to share his gifts with those who are ready:


Elevating YOU On A Higher Path

Your organization, your industry group, and many professionals, business owners, and experts will be moved and inspired hearing what David speaks!

Invite Speaker David Chametzky to Uplift and Encourage Your Audience:
  • As A Hands On Expert for Media Interviews on Rising from the Ashes onto A Right Path and Taking off to Soar When it’s Your Time;
  • As A Take Action Speaker to Individuals Ready to Up-Level Themselves or Their Company, and Their Professional and Personal Relationships;
  • As A Transformational Coach to Guide Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs Into True Flight and Soaring Higher Than Ever;
  • As A Source Encouraging Rise & Resilience and Applying Servant Leadership In Your Own Work.

David Speaks
on His Internationally Ranked Podcast

David Speaks on His Internationally Ranked Podcast

Warm-hearted, Elevating, Inspiring Journeys



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Experience For Yourself the Power of Heart When David Speaks:

David Chametzky Serves as As A Positive Voice For Finding Your P.A.T.H.—your Personal Attitude Towards Happiness;

Speaking to professionals, Entrepreneurs, Experts & Business Audiences Of All Kinds And

Interviewing with All Channels of Media

Is Famous Quarterback Patrick Mahomes checking out David Chametzky’s New Book Through His Oakley Signature II Series Sunglasses?

Speaker David Chametzky witnesses his book When Your HEART Says “It’s Your Time To Soar” elevated onto a New York Times Square Billboard

Speaker David Chametzky Earned the 2022 Speaker Of The Year Award and was Honored by the EZ Way Wall of Fame


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